All Together Now

We had our big LA screening last night at Outfest – All Girl Friday – sold out over a week in advance – fantastic audience – our beautiful cast and much of our film family and friends in attendance – we could not have asked for more. It was such a success, and let me tell you that I was not surprised when two of the biggest heartfelt congratulations came from Jill Bennett and Cathy DeBuono, fellow filmmakers with sell-out crowds of their own. These women are a class act, and they feel as we do – mutual support is critical – we need to lift each other up, not worry about who the hell is selling more tickets. Making any film is a challenge, on so many levels, but making a lesbian film has some added potholes of a special nature. The way Elena Undone began was me asking Nicole a question – “why aren’t there more lesbian films out there?” As a female in love with a woman for the first time, where ya gonna go to learn what it’s all about? I was shocked at how few choices I had. Luckily, I found some product that was marvelous and taught me a thing or two! Now here’s the deal – this population is growing and being more heard and seen than ever before, and in my mind there is no apparent reason why we can’t get busy and increase the size of Wolfe Video’s catalog in short order. That has become one of my personal goals – I would actually love to see a women’s movie open Outfest or Frameline one of these years!

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4 Responses to All Together Now

  1. Mari Strombom says:

    I agree! I really think we need more lesbian movies out there, and good ones too!! Not just those that end sad or leaves questions in the end like ” Are they gonna end up together?” “Will they admit their feelings towards eachother?” But good ones, like Elena Undone ( haven’t seen it, just the trailer, but it looks AMAZING).
    I think we need more movies that shows how it is to fall in love etc. not just all the physical and movies that just shows people who meet, sleep together and THEN start to think about if they’re in love or not. Annoying! Hate those movies. I, and I know many agree with me, want those romantic, cuddly, cute movies (Like Elena Undone) that shows how it is to fall in love, realize ones feelings etc. Movies you can watch a lonely friday night, wrapped up in a blanket with chocolate ice cream and just enjoy the movie with sighs, giggles and a fuzzy feeling inside. THAT’S a really good movie I think! 🙂

  2. Amber says:

    Any chance you’ll be at DC’s Reel Affirmations in October??

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